Happy Birthday KISHA! {personal}


As I turn 27 again (ok..ok…30) I reflected on my life, blessings, challenges, areas to improve and areas that are going well. In my daily life, like many other women, I wear many hats: mommy,  wife, teacher, sister, daughter, photographer, designer, Christian, cheerleader, and more… I decided I need to take 1 day a year and pamper myself a little bit and create images that would be one part of my legacy to my children. Everyone woman should take at least 1 day to look and feel better about themselves and showcase their true beauty. There is NO PHOTOSHOP in any of the images of me to make me look any skinner and they were all taken the same day – it’s all about having a great photographer (which I happened to be married to) that knows about to pose you well! I fell so in love with this idea and had such a wonderful experience that we will definitely be dong more pictures for women like my photo shoot! Stay tuned!

Entertaining myself while Ben picked up my surprise birthday cake!

My hubby Ben…when there is a camera around, of course I’m going to take his picture too!

My babies and sis surprised me when we went to dinner in uptown with some balloons! Aren’t my babies cute?

My film cake by Cloud 9 confections

Rebeca wanted to pose too – future model 🙂 You can see more pics of Rebeca modeling for http://rufflebutts.com which is where her shirt is from.

Joshua wanted a picture with mommy – yes, he def. look like me – Rebeca is all daddy.

Special thanks:

Thanks to my sister Lucyleen for taking care of our babies so we could go out to take pics and doing Rebeca’s hair, Joy for doing my makeup, Carmen my hair, Cloud 9 Bakery in uptown for my birthday cake and my hubby Ben for taking my amazing pictures and listening to me when I said (make me look skinnier – yes I say that too). Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday on facebook!


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