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Finally updating the blog … don’t worry more to come later this week but we wanted to take some time and share some news. This father’s day we were waiting to see if our nephew would be born, instead we got another surprise – BABY BIRDS! Oh my! What an incredible sight to see these tiny little birds.

(photos taken with our iphone)

Being father’s day and seeing this birds being born reminded us of the incredible feat father’s face today. A wedding day is something that father’s either dread and/or look forward to since their kids are born. Sometimes while we are capturing these amazing wedding moments between father’s and their children we think about what it would be like for us when our kids get married. We put together a few images from some weddings from this and last year that show some the special moments brides (and grooms) shared with their fathers.

We dedicate this blog post to all of the amazing fathers that allowed us to capture their child’s special wedding day and those who are being missed today.

What was your favorite moment with your dad on your wedding day or what do you look forward to?

These moments were captured right before the dads were getting ready to walk down the aisle with their daughters. It doesn’t matter if your wedding day is rainy, sunny, or just windy – that moment when you get to walk down the aisle with your dad just seems to make it perfect.

This is when all the moms start crying and the bride’s are filled with excitement that they are GETTING MARRIED! 🙂 I wonder what all the dads are thinking about at this time.

I think it’s awesome when some dads have such an amazing relationship with their sons that they become their BEST MAN.

Maybe your dad is an ordained minister and he gets to marry you (Ben’s dad – seen in this pic – actually married us along with a Pastor Calo Castro in Puerto Rico)  This pic below is Ben’s sister Christie who got married last summer.

Maybe your dad is an amazing singer that will share his voice with you at your wedding and sing karaoke with you during the reception reminiscing of when you were a little girl and singing would calm you down. 

Maybe your favorite memory is or will be your dad’s speech or a special dance

I loved it when Jordan and her dad started dancing slow and surprised everyone with a choreographed dance.

Daddy’s girl 🙂

These photos was taken 1 year ago today (Happy anniversary Megan & Ed). This is the day we met Megan’s dad, Mr. McCauley. The love he had for his girls and his attentiveness to Megan really caught our attention.  He explained to us how he picked out the glasses Megan & Ed did their toast with because he thought they would be a perfect fit. He also shared how his friend, who was a guest at the wedding, had stage 4 cancer and he wanted to make sure we got great photos of his friend dancing with his daughter. Little did anyone know that the pictures we took of Megan and her father would be some of their last photos together. Mr. McCauley passed away a short time later and is deeply missed by his family and friends. Having the honor of capturing these once in a lifetime moments – dances, hugs, kisses and tears – is priceless!

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