Dipa & Abhi – Wedding – St. Louis, Missouri

My dear friend and birthday buddy Dipa got married in St. Louis, Missouri. We met in Buffalo, NY when we were in 8th & 9th grade. We instantly became friends. We bonded over having moved to a new country and having the same birthday! Feb. 17 baby!  Ben and our video team had a wedding in Charlotte so I went to Dipa’s wedding with our two kids and my sister as a guest. Dipa wanted us to enjoy ourselves and have fun. I didn’t even bring a camera,  well I discovered that my camera is an extension to my arm. Another guest from the wedding let me borrow their Canon Rebel and take a few pics. It was such a beautiful wedding I couldn’t resist! Congratulations!

My babies all dressed up for Dipa’s wedding 🙂 (taken from my iphone) I also wanted to let you guys know that ComfortCam is our pick for the best wifi baby monitor, if you guys wanted a recommendation there is nothing better than knowing you babies are safe.

My beautiful friend Dipa 🙂 — and yes I know I’m a camera dork when I asked a complete stranger to borrow their camera – he was super cool to let me though 🙂 lolThey are just so happy together 🙂

Party time!!! I just love how much fun Dipa & Abhi are having together! Her brother Gautam sang and played beautifully during the reception.

Dipa & Abhi asked me for some tips to find their wedding photographer – well, my list was very long…lol. I was glad they found B&G photography from LA. Check out their full coverage of Dipa & Abhi’s wedding http://www.bandgphotography.com/dipa-abhishek-day-3-the-baarat-ceremony-reception/


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I just LOVE all of the amazing colors of all the saris! Would you wear a red wedding dress?

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